Shi Shi

Extremely versatile, evergreen Shi Shi Gashira Camellia has luscious, deep pink blooms that add tons of life to your garden during the winter months.

The branches come to life with stunning color during the fall and winter months when most plants in the garden are dormant. The leaves are a stunning, glossy dark green and are always ready to dazzle.

The amazing magenta pink of the flower petals have lively yellow centers look like little pompoms and pop against the gleaming green foliage. Most folks think that Camellia blossoms are very reminiscent of giant rose blooms.

The Shi Shi Gashira has a moderate growth rate and on average reaches 5 feet when mature, so it will fit into a small area with no trouble.

The Shi Shi Gashira Camellia looks marvelous both pruned to shape or allowed to grow naturally for a beautiful woodland look.

The vibrant rosy blossoms of the Shi Shi Gashira have quite an impact when planted in groups. Plant several in a front garden and be warmed by their intense beauty during the long, dull winter days.

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