How to Plant Elaeagnus


  1. Select a planting site for your Elaeagnus. Pick a site that receives partial to full sun, or six to eight hours of sun, daily. The site needs to have excellent drainage. Elaeagnus will not survive in soggy soil that accumulates standing water.
  2. Spread a 2-inch layer of coarse sand over the planting site if it has poor drainage. Run a garden tiller over the site to turn the soil into the sand at a depth of 1 foot. The coarse sand will improve the site’s drainage. Do this in the spring, after the last frost.
  3. Dig a hole in the planting site that is twice as wide as the plant’s container and as deep as the container.
  4. Remove the plant from the container.
  5. Lower the plant into the hole.
  6. Back-fill the hole with soil until the soil reaches the top of the plant’s root ball.
  7. Water the planted area until the soil settles.
  8. Allow the soil to dry completely between watering times.

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