Fire Power Nandina

‘Compacta’ seems to vary quite a bit in height, but generally hovers in the four foot range. It has the usual coloration of red-tinted foliage, white blooms and red fruit. This is an upright shrub, with evergreen leaves that change to reddish-purple in fall. Leaves are pinate to 3-pinate, with lance-shaped leaflets. Bears conical panicles, to 16 inches long, of small star-shaped, white flowers with large, yellow anthers. Red berry-like clusters are persistant through winter, and can be used in arrangements or eaten by birds. Found along the foundation of older homes, you may inherit a plant that needs some selective pruning. Do not whack the entire plant back so that all canes are the same height. Selectively prune, staggering the heights of each cane.

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